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Small Steps, Great dream

We are a small company so we can take small steps but we know that every small step is important, impactful & undeniable when it comes to saving the planet. Our mission and core values lie in our eco-friendly actions. We strictly follow the policy of Planet Over Profit hence in every action we take towards our business goal, we think twice about its impact on the planet.

Farming Responsibily

We started with sourcing raw fruit flavors powder. We found that with this business model, we can never be aware of the farming methods hence we Joined farmers & agriculture science experts to ensure we can make every juice powder natural, healthier & organically farmed. From Soil preparation to selecting quality seeds, seed to seed bedding, Manuring, sowing, Irrigation, weeding & harvesting, we ensure organic steps have been followed so every drop of juice we serve you has more nutritious & moral values.

Seed Bed Perpration

Our Farmers use completely farm-yard manual & vermicompost in the preparation of soil. We provide soil testings to know the availability of required minerals & moisture percentage of the soil. By doing this we conserve the earth’s treasures like water and soil fertility.


Seeds that are small in size need to be cared for like infants. Assuring better growth, which is only possible in the warm comfort zone of Mother earth. Hence we make sure seedlings come out of the earth to be from the chemical environment.


Generous earth has always given us many valuables, one of them is Water that supports the life & growth of every living organism. We strictly follow water preservative techniques, i.e. rainwater storage, using them for irrigation for a while, Drip Irrigation, irrigation scheduling to save & utilize every precious drop of H2O. Our Farmers generally water the crops in the evening or night so the evaporation rate of water is lower & consumption of water by the plant is higher.


Instead of using fertilizers, our farmers use FYM, vermicompost, and follow rotational cropping so the bacteria in the soil get abundant minerals & support the plant in producing nitrogen. Our farmers on the other hand also use neem Powder (Azadirachta indica) & culturing earthworms in the crop field as been followed by the ancient books of Vedic farming.


All plants that grow on the mother earth serve various purposes and no plant is mentioned as a waste yet weeding is necessary because unwanted plants are grown in a wanted place. Our Farmers make use of the removed plants as fodder for livestock.


These are the happy times for the farmers to share the joy they received from the benevolent earth. Our policy encourages us to harvest the yield without any damage to the fruits. Our farmers are already following these methods:

1. Covering the basket using butter papers.
2. Collecting every fruit from the free manually. We make sure we save every fruit from farmer’s land to your hand safely.

Eco-Freindly Website

Did you know that the internet produces almost as much pollution as the airline industry? Yes, In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, internet use accounts for 3.7% of global emissions, i.e. the equivalent of all air traffic in the world. And this figure is expected to double by 2025.
There are over 1 billion websites and they are all hosted on servers. Servers are powered by fossil fuels and consume tons of energy. Every day billions of data are uploaded & downloaded through these websites. We can’t avoid using websites however, with a small effort, we can make the website carbon neutral or even carbon negative! Sounds exciting? Yes, it is. We designed our website in such a manner that the website looks ugly but the carbon footprint of this website will go down a little bit by just clicking a button. We know it’s a very small effort but worth trying in contributing to our Save the mother earth mission. We use a green web-hosting solution, designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources mindset. We thank Greengeeks for using 300% renewable energy to host our website, and they plant a tree for every person that signs up. Win-Win

Planting Trees on every sale

We have teamed up with Sankalpataru in their mission to create a healthy, green, and clean planet through tree plantation, and with our diligent greening efforts, we strive to uplift and assist the rural communities, while promoting extensive agriculture across the nation and making it a happy-green paradise.

Reduing Plastic, Cutting Carbons

Many people, especially in the zero waste community, think that glass is always better than plastic when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. We wish that was simply true. Yes, glass bottles are easily recyclable & have the highest percentage of recovery for recycling however, their weight & fragile nature, require more care & burns more fuel in transporting them. We don’t endorse using plastic yet we have to think about all the aspects to lower the carbon footprints. Recently we are using is polypropylene Recyclable 5 bottles for our packaging solution. These bottles are easy to recycle & BPA-free. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of the possible health effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children. A BPA-free bottle is a better option when it comes to health & nature. We have a plan to use Plant-based plastic made out of by-products of sugarcane. Your support can help us achieve this goal.

For Children of Mother Earth

Supporting farmers' livelyhood

When we are busy in our air conditioned offices, discussing which layer of color suits more to our Power point presentation, farmers are working in scourching hot day, burning their skin in heat & hurting thier feet in mud & soil. Definetily farming is tough job, that’s why we are working with our farming partners to make sure fruits they grow for our beautiful customers make a fruitful earning & beautiful life to them as well. We don’t want to make a single juice powder without bringing a refreshing smile on our food providers.

Empowering the skilled women

By mid of 2022, we are going to start Bracelating our bottles which you can wear as a nature saver band on your hand. These small hand bands are called Kankandora and will add 50c in the price of your favourite juice powder & will go directly to women who make these for thier livings.Thousands of women in India make them everyday from home for their living & every purchase you do will support these women to earn more while reminding you that you are a SuperHero saving Planet by every efforts possible. Wow Win-Win again!

Coconut for everything

We like all the fruits nature has given however, Coconut is our love. Coconut is considered as shreephal means Holy fruit in Inida. You can eat coconut, drink coconut, burn it to get warmness, use its shell as bowl & what not? To make plastic free world, we are joining with small craftmen making cutlery from the shell of coconut. We have strong belife that we can replace plastic based cutlery & crockery with coconut shell based utensills. Very soon we have plan to start selling these beautiful nature peice online to make nature Proud on us & supporting these Nature warriors as well. 

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